Friday, June 29, 2012

irons in the fire...

A little lull in the action, but there are some new features brewing. Hopefully one will be up next week and another the following.

Staples in my leg

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monthly Metal

I am going to try to do this consistently each month. Since this is my blog, whatever I post as "metal" constitutes metal. If you don't like it, well, you can suck it.


Friday, June 15, 2012

An Evening with DUAL...It's Not Just a Name

Most know Houston's DUAL for his wheat pasting antics, but there is a flip side to this vandal...he can paint, and when I say he can paint, I mean he is one of the best in Houston.  I have been fortunate to tag along and document him getting up before, but never painting.  So when he told me he was down to do an interview as well as a photo shoot of him painting I was really stoked. An anonymous someone who knows his way around a video camera also came along to document the action. Check out the video at the bottom of this entry.

Bridge Burner:  Why do you like wheat pasting as your primary medium?
DUAL:  Hard to say if wheat pasting is even my primary medium, but I do love it. Once I realized that I was able to work in the studio and create hundreds of prints for the streets I was hooked. Plus I’m really attracted to the idea of being able to spend time on an individual piece and mass produce it for many to see.  
BB:  When did you start screen printing?
D:  I first started screen printing in 2004, when a homie of mine (MEAT), introduced me to the concept. For the next year we worked together on a T-shirt line that consisted of redrawn images of people like Willie Nelson, Basquiat, Amelia Earhart, Buddy Holly and others... Once I was introduced to photo-emulsion, my whole life changed and DUAL was created. I have not stopped screen printing since.
BB:  You do a lot of gallery shows, do you think at some point that will become your main focus and getting up on the street will slow down or stop all together?
D:  From the very first time I wrote my name on a pole, wall or thrash can, I never expected to create work that would then be shown in galleries. I will never stop putting in work on the streets. I might slow down from time to time, but I will always have something for them. Plus the streets was my first gallery, and it's gotten me to where I am now, so I will always have love.
BB:  What do you think is the best spot you ever got wheat pasting?
D:  Damn, hard to say, I kinda forget some of them. The giant clock on Mary's rocked for a while, till it was dissed. Another clock on Numbers ran for years, and that was pretty rad. I even remember getting and email from someone who works there, thanking me for doing what I do, and letting me know that he appreciated it. Weird. Now if you asked what the best spot I've gotten was, I'd have to say the two rollers I did with Give Up.
Give Up - Dual!
BB:  How do you feel about graffiti writers mostly hating wheat pasters?
D:  Well, I think there will always be a dividing line amongst both artist. Hard to say why. Having come from the other side, I have always respected anyone that puts themselves out there in order to get a message across. But I guess that’s why I've tried hard to be versatile, this way hopefully no one can hate.

BB:  You aren't shy about your love for Houston...what is it about this city that you really like? If you had to live somewhere else, where would you go?
D:  It sure as hell ain't the summers. I've met many good friends here and gotten many opportunities for my work in Houston. Not sure if it would have been the same somewhere else. FUCK YOU, HOUSTON'S AWESOME!
BB:  Favorite restaurant in Houston?
D:  That's a hard one, has to be either Radical Eats or Hollywood.

BB:  I asked Eyesore what was the last show he went to…what you got?
D:  Last show I went to was Snoop at SummerFest. He put on an awesome show and there was an even better aroma in the air. Good times.
BB:  What is your gear ratio?
D:  48x16
BB:  What's your dream bike?
D:  A white Panasonic frame with Dura-ace cranks and seat post, and Nitto stem and bars. Rolling on white B-42 laced up to Dura-Ace hubs... Sexy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eyesore - Action and Words

I recently hooked up with Houston's own Eyesore for some action shots. He was also kind enough to answer a few questions. Eyesore definitely has one of the more unique styles, not just for Houston, but anywhere. More Eyesore can be seen on his blog linked to the left as well as my flickr, o texano.  Enjoy.

Bridge Burner:  Who are a few graffiti writers that you find inspirational?
BB:  The kind of "hashing" line stroke you often use to sketch, was that something you learned or did it develop over time on your own?
E:  My obsessive-compulsive line style has happened over time and I’m sure it will continue to evolve with each new drawing or project I get started on. These drawings take hours to complete and I’m always working on 3 or 4 at a time.

BB:  Which is more gratifying for you, people enjoying your work in a gallery or on the street?
E:  I just wanna make, create, setup, build, draw, paint, post and destroy as much as possible anywhere and everyplace.
BB:  You often draw female faces, are most of the subjects people you know or are they fictional?
E:  Most are friends a few are not.
BB:  You have done quite a few street sign pieces, how do you feel about fans taking the signs home?
E:  I don’t mind, I can always make more. 

BB:  It seems that many artists, especially "street artists," from Houston love this city and are very connected to it. Do you ever see yourself leaving Houston?
E:  I hate it here, I never want to leave.
BB:  What was the last show you went to?
E:  Black Tusk
BB:  What are your top 5 albums?
E:  Slint – “Spiderland”, Shellac – “At Action Park”, Converge – “Jane Doe”, Fugazi – “The Argument”, Metallica – “Master of Puppets”